Low Back Pain Prevention and Maintenance

lower back painMany of my patients ask me the same question over and over again: “How often and how long do I have to see a chiropractor for low back pain problems?” I always provide the same answer: “How often do you change oil in your car, do tune up, replace brake pads and tires and many other things that a vehicle requires in order to run properly?” Our body is a bio mechanical machine that requires as much care and maintenance is the vehicle you drive every day. Every day stress such as work, commute, household activities will eventually lead to low back pain problems. Sacrum and Lumbar spine are the center of the gravity for our bodies. If that area is deconditioned mechanical problems are inevitable – misaligned vertebrae in a lumbar spine or misaligned Sacroilliac joint. This misalignment (subluxation) will cause the irritation to the nerve root and will result in a muscle spasm which will cause more pain and discomfort. The longer one waits for this pain and discomfort to go away the greater the possibility that this problem will get worse.

Back in 2010 I have written a blog post – “Healthy Hints for a healthy Back” which describes how to properly stand and walk, sit, lift, sleep, drive and work. Following these simple advices will guarantee that your low back vertebraes will maintain proper alignment and injury to a soft tissue of the para-spinal musculature of the lumbar spine will be avoided or minimized.

Another blog post that was written the same year – “Lower Back Exercises.” talks about a conditioned para-spinal musculature of the lumbar spine and how it helps to prevent a low back pain. A series of exercise samples with pictures have been provided for your overview. Only ten to fifteen minutes a day will keep your low back young and strong.

Nothing can really replace a visit to your local chiropractor. A great full spine adjustment will make you feel really good. It will stimulate your peripheral and central nervous. Add electrical stimulation and moist heat for fifteen minutes and follow up with fifteen minutes deep tissue massage by a certified massage therapist and you will feel like a car that just had a complete tune up done, brans new tires installed and brake pads replaced. I get adjusted and get all of the therapies mentioned at least once a week some times more than once a week. My low back would fail me long time ago if I would not exercise on regular bases and did not get chiropractic care.

if you are not doing any of the three advices mentioned above, make a change in your life now. The sooner you start the better the chances that your low back pain will never bother you in a future.

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