Natural Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

IMMUNE SYSTEM This is a guest post by Janna RogersBecause our bodies face so many infectious challenges from day to day, it’s wise to keep your immune system strong and healthy. If you give your body the tools it needs to have good health, you will be able to enjoy a long and prosperous life! There are many ways to boost and strength our own immune systems naturally, but here are my favorites.

Sugar and Allergens

Completely removing allergens and sugars from your diet will help your immune system immensely. It’s been proven that sugar can impair white blood cells for a brief time period after consumption. Find out what your food allergies are and take those out of your system as well.

Managing Stress

Learning how to deal with stress will help our immune systems in many ways. When we handle stress in a negative manner, our body responds the same way. Research has proven that a positive outlet for stress yield big results when it comes to health, so figure out what you need to do ASAP!

Regular Exercise

An appropriate program will help the immune system, but an exercise program that is too intense may suppress your immune system. If you’ve never worked out before, get to the gym, but take it slow. Start out with reasonable exercise, and don’t be afraid to barely do anything your first couple of times. You need to wake those muscles up before training them!
Good Sleep

Sleep is your weapon. When we are sleeping, the body naturally releases substances that help to enhance the immune system. If you don’t get enough rest, your immune system could become erratic and not function at its best. A good night’s sleep will boost your immune system immensely and will also help repair the body.

Filtered Water

Water is the magical cure-all for almost everything, and best of all, it’s natural. It’s great for helping boost your immune system and it’s essential to look and feel good. Without adequate water, you’re more prone to headaches, irregular bowel movements, dry skin, and (you guessed it) diseases! Take it upon yourself to get hydrated now!

All of these tips are great ways to enhance your own immune system naturally. These are so timely because in today’s world of processed food, inactivity & crazy antibiotic-resistant organisms, we must do everything we can to stay healthy. Why not start feeling better and protecting your body today?

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