hCG Diet Methods and Principles

HCG DIETLosing weight has become a complex task with different methods and principles being practiced by people all over the world. Some methods are popular because many people believe that it works and one of these many diet methods is known as the hCG diet (human chorionic gonadotropin). Now, the question often begs to be answered is, does human chorionic gonadotropin diet really work?

The hCG diet was developed way back in 1969 by a team of British endocrinologist. It attempts to be the most efficient and comprehensive way of proper dieting that affords people to quickly shed off their excess pounds without putting too much dent on their body and help avoid pressure on their diet program. The main core of this diet is the  human chorionic gonadotropin. This type of hormone is the one that sends out signals to the brain to trigger and chop down the breakdown of fat stores into different parts of calories during pregnancy.

The said calories are used to provide room for growth and development to developing fetus. In theory, hCG diet when used by a non-pregnant woman can be a helpful to chop away stored adipose tissue in body parts like the hips, waist and thighs. This produces a dual purpose of weight loss and energy levels booster.

Sounds good, but just like any other diet programs there is always a catch as no diet program is perfect. First, all scientific and clinical data pertaining to hCG diet hasn’t been backed up solidly as fact.  The hCG diet formulations on the market aren’t really 100% sure guaranteed to be safe for everyone as it may work on some and not on others based on different body scenarios and conditions.

The hCG diet however, mix the hormone principle and other well tested and proven diet solutions such as an exercise regimen coupled with a low-calorie food intake. This makes the hCG diet work for most people and makes this diet extra special because it not only relies on the hormone angle singlehandedly but only uses it as a supplement to other well proven diet solutions.

Over-all, the hCG diet works out fine if supplemented with other dietary regimen such as a healthy and active lifestyle. If concentrated mainly on its hormonal effects, it tends to work out differently for different people with varying body types. This diet comes well recommended for most people and offers generous results but should not be the main program of one’s diet loss program

The question whether does hCG diet really work? It depends on the individual itself to supplement it with hard work, dedication and patience through its implementation with other weight loss programs such as a dependable exercise regimen, healthy food intake and a positive mind set focused on achieving weight loss through healthy living.

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