Coping With Stress and Anxiety at Work

STRESS AND ANXIETY AT WORKWorking becomes harder when stress and anxiety becomes a redundant occurrence to the point that it affects how individuals do their jobs. Pressures are often the cause of stress and anxiety, from meeting deadlines, dealing with a demanding boss and having complex relationship with co-workers are just some of the things that make life at work difficult.

It is important to have a balanced life outside of your place employment to provide you with enough space to handle the pressures, stress and anxiety that the workplace brings. This can be achieved through a proper time management and a positive outlook in life.

Below are seven ways to cope with work stress and anxiety that can help you balance and enjoy life to the fullest.

  1. Find a job you love: having a job you love frees up a lot of pressures and stress for everybody. This kind of job often puts you in a healthy environment and doing the things you are passionate about. Look for a career that best suits your passions and talent. For example, if you love photography, indulge in a career that allows you to show your creativity through the camera of your lens.
  2. Spend more time with people you easily get along with: hanging out with people you love to spend time frees up the negativity that builds around a pressure packed and stress filled job. Try to spend more time with your friends by regularly scheduling a weekly get together to hang out and have fun.
  3. Listen to Soothing Music: listening to music soothes the mind and relaxes our senses. Play your favorite music during lunch break and incorporate it into your job for a few minutes in between. This will help you relax and flow along the rapid pace of your workplace.
  4. Do Exercises at Work: Try to practice exercises at your place of employment. Create a schedule for a 5 minute exercise every break time to just calm the muscles and put more energy to your body. A tired body often results to stress and anxiety and what better way to solve this than to have a regular exercise regimen.
  5. Relax at your Job: Every now and then try to relax at your job by closing your eyes for a couple of minutes to release the tension of staring at your computer screen for hours. By relaxing for a couple of minutes you end up clearing your mind of cluttered thoughts that results into stress and anxiety.
  6. Regular Workout at the Gym: balance your life outside of work by enrolling yourself in a gym. This affords you to gain a healthy lifestyle and with a regular workout program your body tends to reacts well with strenuous activity at your job as well as stress and anxiety. A healthy body helps you become more productive.
  7. Get 8 hours of Sleep: Lastly, make sure you get enough sleep each day you report to work. An average sleep length of 8 hours is enough to reinvigorate the body and prepare it for the next day’s workload. This gives you the adequate energy to combat stress and anxiety that usually develops in the work place. My teacher used to say: “Sleep is your weapon.”

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