Chiropractic Adjustment for Children is Amazing – “True Story”

This is a guest post from Mrs. Ruth Messenger who is a resident of Australia. She has found out about me via my blog post “Infant Chiropractic Adjustment”  which was featured at MSN News. Mrs. Messenger has left a very long comment at the end of the post but I felt like that she had a lot more to tell about the miracles of chiropractic care for her children. I have offered her to write a guest post about her two children and how chiropractic care has helped her and her children. This story must be shared and must be read by those people who are experiencing problem with their kids.  Without farther ado is Mrs. Messenger’s story.

Chiropractic Adjustment for ChildrenChiropractic for kids is just amazing. I highly recommend this to other parents, our children are much happier and healthier with chiropractic treatment!

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, a 20 month old daughter and a 9 month old son. I saw our chiro (Dr Sonia Savage) through my first pregnancy, and took our daughter when she was 2 weeks old. I wish I had of taken her sooner. We had a lot of trouble with our girl’s breastfeeding, as she could only turn her head to one side. Lactation consultants, midwives and pediatricians all failed to help us feed her properly. From the very first adjustment, our daughter was able to feed immediately from both breasts! She was born via completely natural delivery, however she was posterior and the labour lasted 2 days. Chiropractic Adjustment for KidsThe pediatrician that checked her after birth asked if I had lost a lot of fluid during the pregnancy (I hadn’t) because she had been so compacted. Her legs were constantly bent and raised, and her spine was twisted midway down so that she could not lay on her back without screaming in pain. Dr Sonia corrected this also from the very first visit, and our little girl was finally able to lay with a straight back and relax her legs.

Our son was born prematurely, at only 25 weeks (3 & ½ months early). We had many complications during the pregnancy, and he spent months in NICU. A lot of the treatments necessary to keep our babies’ alive are not pleasant, and our boy was positioned awkwardly for many reasons (blood transfusions, monitoring, specialist testing etc). Children and Chiropractic AdjustmentSo when he came home, I took him to our chiropractor too. And from the second appointment he was able to suck a whole bottle of expressed milk. From the third appointment, he could drink like a term baby. I had been using many feeding aids for our son, so this was a marked improvement right away. The bones of his head were corrected from all his hospital treatments, and his neck was also adjusted that he too could feed freely from both sides.

Watching our children grow, it is very clear just how much our chiropractic care helps them. Our daughter had her shoulders adjusted while learning to crawl, which gave her a greater range of movement. She has needed further adjustments to help her with her walking (and jumping) now she is a toddler. Our son has been adjusted to help him sit, as his lower spine was out which was causing him instability. Chiropractic Miracle StoryThere has been many changes in our children after their chiropractic appointments, from their sudden ability to roll or move without restriction, headaches disappearing, proper range of movement and better sleeping habits. All of this can be seen from the day of the appointment, and when they start to become unsettled or awkward in their movements we know that they need to see our chiropractor before the next booked appointment. One of the biggest changes in our daughter has been her nausea and vomiting. She had been very ill with this, and suddenly became very nervous. Our chiropractor explained that her adrenal glands were being overstimulated, and since our last appointment our daughter is very much herself again! And for our son, he is one of very few preemies at his early gestation that looks like a term baby. His head shape is completely normal despite how he came home. He is also ahead of his corrected age in all his physio appointments, for which I am very grateful to our chiropractor for all her genuine care and attention to detail with our children.

It is very important to tell the chiropractor about any illness, change of behaviour, or accidents that your child(ren) experience. On many occasions I have been surprised to learn that a behaviour or apparent sickness with one of my children is to do with alignment. Headaches, ear aches, tummy aches and moodiness, crying, and lack of sleeping have all been helped by Dr. Sonia. The chiropractor will give your child a general adjustment and will notice particularly misaligned areas. It is still important to mention any incidents. Our children were checked thoroughly after a vehicle hit ours, and our doctor of chiropractic was able to check areas that would not normally need attention. So it is important to mention everything related to your child’s health, even if you cannot see the connection (such as waking up crying, loss of appetite, looking sad or tired etc). Many of our children’s problems have had to do with their bodies being out of balance. It is also vital to give your child enough fluid (breastmilk, formula or water depending on the age) after the appointment to help flush toxins from their bodies’- and to have a happy child rather than a grumpy one on the day of the appointment!. (I have personally failed to drink plenty of water after one of my appointments, which caused a bad headache and nausea. This disappeared as soon as I remembered to drink. It really does matter for our children too).

I will gladly attest that chiropractic care has in no small way helped our children to be as happy and healthy as they are today. I never believed that chiropractic was an important part of general health and wellbeing, but now I know that it is a very necessary part of our children’s growth and development. They are much happier and have such better range of movement after each adjustment. It is also good to know that after the first couple of appointments, they do not need to go as frequently. In fact, many people take their children every 3 months. We take ours every month or two, as we find that it works best for us. However often a parent decides to take their child, it will certainly be of benefit to the child. For us, it is best to maintain the improvements with regular visits than to have occasional visits to correct established problems. We have tried both ways and this works best for us, but not for all families. There are many chiropractors experienced in working with children, and they are an invaluable aid to your child’s development from infancy through their childhood.

You now have my story, but I also wanted to add that my babies laugh through their chiro adjustments! Our daughter loves Dr Sonia Savage, and really enjoys her cuddles too :) As an infant she would get the giggles with each adjustment. Our son now laughs and laughs through his adjustments too. Dr Savage and myself both love to hear it, it makes me smile knowing just how relaxed and comfortable she makes my children with the adjustments.

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