Chronic Lower Back Pain and 6 Natural Ways to Fix It

low back painMillions of people suffer from excruciating and immobilizing lower back pain form all over the world. It almost seems like world wide epidemic. A large percentage of these people have to go to work every day and concentrate on their tasks with agonizing and boring back ache. There are many different treatments available for lower back pain varying from modern medicine to great alternative therapies.

Chronic lower back pain causes:

Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Biomechanical Misalignments, Unbalanced Musculature are the main reasons for lower back pain. Work or sport related injuries or automobile accidents could be the serious cause of lower back pain through out people lives. It can debilitate them for a very prolonged period of time. Sometimes even minor postural abnormalities, sudden jerks or movements, improper exercises and minor falls can be the result of chronic lower back pain

Natural Ways to Counter Severe Chronic Lower Back Pain:

Change Your Posture:

The spine, same as our feet, gets the hardest job in our body as it is used in practically every movement we make and it takes pressure from other body parts such as from the neck, shoulders, head and our arms. As we walk, stand, sit, carry a heavy object or dance, our spine takes the pressure to keep our body erect but at the same time it also has to have the flexibility to make other kinds of movements while keeping our balance.One of the following can be noticed when one has a bad posture: high shoulder, a forward stooping head, a rotated trunk (torso), a hunch back, a high hip, and a side-bent neck and one of the feet will be externally or internally rotated.  Abnormal  posture can result from trauma (like a car accident or fall), repetitive movements (turning your neck towards the monitor), and certain bad postural habits  (sleeping on your stomach). READ MORE …

Get a Good Mattress:

Many patients have been asking my professional advice on which mattress they should buy. There is not a definite answer for every patient. Every single one is going to need a different one in order to get a good night sleep for years to come. Below are some tips and tricks that you can use when buying a new mattress.A mattress should provide uniform support from head to toe. If there are gaps between your body and your mattress (such as at the waist), you’re not getting the necessary support that your body requires. READ AND WATCH MORE …

Get Good Pillows:

When we expect a good night sleep, the majority of us consider mattress characteristic and features, room temperature, room illumination, and noise. Hardly ever we will think about our pillows. There are a lot of options available nowadays. It is important to know that our cervical spine alignment is an important feature of our general well being. Selecting a head support which is equally comfortable to sleep with as well as be able to improve the quality of good night sleep, has to be a necessary foundation for a good nigh sleep. READ AND WATCH MORE …

Use Legs Not Back:

Normally when we lift a weight we put great pressure on our back. Instead, keep your lower back in arched position and lift the load. Bend the knees and put the pressure on your leg muscles. An upright torso while lifting weights can always avoid the risk of chronic lower back pain. READ MORE …

Exercise Routines:

Inclusion of a strict exercise regime for 30 minutes to one hour, everyday can alleviate chronic pain and prevent the occurrence of the same. If you are suffering from chronic lower back and hip pain, it is imperative that you take the advice of a fitness expert. Only a fitness expert can help you with an exercise routine, according to your body condition and physical ability. Body alignment exercises, Bowen therapy and exclusive exercises for the lower back can strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. MORE ABOUT EXERECISES …

Choose Comfort Over Style:

Ladies today choose stylish footwear that are high-heeled like stilettos. They can definitely accentuate your presence but they can damage your back, irreparably. A sturdy shoe and flat footwear can definitely look good on you and save you from many an endless chronic lower back pain treatment. You can stop chronic lower back pain by being cautious and rational.  READ MORE …



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