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11 responses to “Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Physiology and Causes”

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  2. Philip L. TAylor DDS

    Your video is good but doesn’t explain how to correct the bite. Please go to my web site http://www.tmjcured. com and see more what a good bite is. My book explains what good occlusion is that frees the joints and muscles from strain. Philip L Taylor DDS. TMJcured

    1. Anonymous

      Very informative Dr. Taylor. However, I can’t practice dentistry. I hope some of my readers will be able to fix their TMJ problems using your technique. Thank you for commenting and have a great day.

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  6. Rory Dunne

    After being treated unsuccessfully for migraines and dental senitivity for two years, I have just been diagnosed with TMJ by my new dentist. Got a cast today so I’m picking up my mouthguard next week and hopefully I can finally look forward to a decent nights sleep without painkillers for the first time in a loooong time.

    I wish this condition was more widely known and could be diagnosed more quickly. I felt like such a faker continually going back to my GP and dentist when they couldnt find any issue (even after an MRI scan of my head). My new dentist is from Poland, and diagnosed me in thirty seconds on my first appointment. She gave me loads of leaflets and information that described the pain I was feeling perfectly. She also  said that 80 – 90% of the patients she has ever treated with jaw/face pain had TMJ, and she doesnt understand why more patients are diagnosed quicker here in the UK. 

    1. drburt

      I am glad that you have found a natural solution to your problem. Many people still misdiagnosed to this day.

  7. Kiersten Van Wyhe

    I have TMJ, but it mostly just keeps me from opening my mouth wide enough if I don’t have the chiropractor knock my jaw back into place every so often. Now I’ve also learned to massage the muscle the jaw bone pushes against to relieve the pain.

  8. Louie LJ

    my mother have a TMJ,sometimes my mother cried becouse her jaw was hurt.

    doc what tablet my mothers take,..?

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