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8 responses to “Electric Stimulation and Chiropractic Rehabilitation”

  1. Tennis Elbow Chiropractic Treatment and Rehabilitation | Burt Chiropractic

    […] be used to relieve the swelling and pain such as Chiropractic Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy,  Electrical Stimulation, Moist Heat, Ultrasound, Erchonia Pl 5000 Cold Laser, medications for pain relief that is […]

  2. TMJ Dysfunction and Treatments Options | Burt Chiropractic

    […] is a protocol that we use in our office: Electrical stimulation is used for 15 minutes on effected side. Deep tissue massage of the masseter muscle bilaterally.  […]

  3. Social Media, Twitter, Chiropractic and Lewis Howes Experience. | Burt Chiropractic

    […] initial spine and wrist examination, I have set up Lewis for Electric Stimulation and Moist heat. These two procedures would allow me to reduce the tension in his paraspinal […]

  4. Posture Correction and Chiropractic Care | Burt Chiropractic

    […] have set out our goal for six sessions of electrical stimulation, heat and cold laser, followed up with full spine chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy. Sean […]

  5. Heart Attack or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome ? | Burt Chiropractic

    […] have diagnosed this lady with TOS. The first procedure was the electrical stimulation and moist heat. I used electrical stimulation on PAIN and CONSTANT settings for 15 minutes. Two […]

  6. Chiropractic Care, Golf and Back Injury | Burt Chiropractic

    […] lower back pain. Make sure that your local chiropractor has physical therapy modalities such as, electric stimulation, moist heat, ultrasound, cold laser and certified massage therapist as a staff member. Spinal […]

  7. Shoulder Injury And Chiropractic Rehabilitation - Ski Crash | Burt Chiropractic

    […] nervous system and spine to organs.”  Prior chiropractic adjustment she would get 15 minutes of electric stimulation with moist hot pack on her left shoulder followed by 20 minutes deep tissue massage from my CMT. […]

  8. Proper Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain in Young Athletes | Burt Chiropractic

    […] not functioning properly. I have advised this patient two weeks of rehabilitation which includes electric simulation and heat for specific injured musculature, Gonstead Specific Manual Adjustment to the entire spine, […]

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