Exercises For Cervical Strain

General Instructions:

Stretching exercises are important part of treatment to relieve discomfort in your neck. They help restore motion and relieve discomfort in your neck. They help restore motion and relieve pain associated with stiffness.

Follow the exercise routine prescribed by your doctor. These exercises are more effective when performed in the shower, after a shower or following application of hot, moist towels. Moist heat relieves pain by increasing blood flow to the muscles of your neck.

Gradually increase the number of times you repeat each exercise as your condition improves, but stop when fatigued. They may be done intermittently during the day, to help relax and relieve tension of the neck and shoulder muscles. Perform exercise #5 every two hours if you work at desk. Take an exercise break during your work day!


Stand under hot shower for five to ten minutes and perform the following exercises, twice daily if possible.


Stand erect. Turn head slowly as far as possible to the right. Return to normal center position and relax

Stand erect. Try to touch your chin to your chest, slowly. Raise head back-wards, looking up at ceiling, slowly.

Stand erect. Try to touch left ear to the left shoulder. Return to normal center position and relax. Try to touch right ear to the right shoulder. Return to normal center position and relax

Stand erect. Raise both shoulders as close to the ears as possible and hold as you count to five. Relax. Stretch your shoulders backwards as far as possible and hold, then relax.

Stand erect. With one hand grasp the thumb of the other hand behind the back, then pull downward forwards the floor. Take a deep breath, stand on toes, and look at the ceiling while exerting the downward pull. Hold momentarily, then exhale slowly and relax. Repeat ten times.

Lie on your back, knees fixed, with a small pillow under your neck. Take a deep breath slowly, fully expanding chest, then exhale slowly. Repeat ten times

Lie on your stomach with hands clasped behind back. Pull shoulders back and down by pushing your hands toward your feet, pinching shoulder blades together, and lift head from floor. Take a deep breath. Hold for two seconds. Relax.

Perform these exercises twice daily, preferably after a hot shower.

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