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6 responses to “Exercise at Your Computer”

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  4. Drdevine

    Great exercises, thanks! 
    I did mine while sitting on an exercise ball, which I use instead of a
    computer chair.  I have found that
    sitting on a ball instead of a chair is helpful for

    proper spine alignment. Because an exercise ball is not
    stable, your body needs to try to balance itself on it. The perfect spinal
    posture is coincidently the easiest to balance with. This helps improve your
    spinal health, and decrease back pain. An exercise ball also causes to you to
    change your position often to balance. For example, if you turn 45 degrees to
    face the phone, your body will assume a new position. This helps reduce damage
    caused by prolonged sitting in the same position. The kids like to play on it,
    though, which can be hazardous with little ones if they fall back on to a hard
    floor, for example, so I roll the ball away to a safe place after use.  

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